Anonymous said: I'm shy to come off haha. But let me just admire you anonymously for now. :) Then maybe one day I will have the courage to come off and we'll have a private conversation, yeah?

absolutely! anytime :) 

Anonymous said: You captured my heart in an instant. Someone from my dash reblog your photo and then that's it. I wish we could be tumblr friends.

Oh my thank you! Feel free to message me anytime!! <3


Natural Light

thesandtraveller said: Your freckles are amazing. Eres muy hermosa<3

Thank you thats so sweet!! <3

Anonymous said: If I ever found myself unable to sleep at night, I'd lean over to you and count every freckle upon that gorgeous face of yours. I would be counting forever, and a better life I could not imagine...

This is the loveliest message I have ever received, thank you <3

kissthestarshello said: You're absolutely breath taking (:

Oh thank you thats so sweet!! :) 

whereizmymiind said: luuv ur bloog ~ xo

Thank you! :)

Thanks sun for all my new freckles ↣

Syd Barrett by Mick Rock, 1969.
"Once I developed the film, I went round to show Syd the pictures. He took this one and scratched some lines and his name onto it. I think maybe there was a bit of negativity directed at Iggy. He just started scratching the print, with a big grin on his face. There was that other side of Syd which could be a bit of mean and malicious, especially toward women, and this was one occasion when I saw that."
- Mick Rock
like a piece of art