Anonymous said: i had to look up erroneous lmao

Well I’m glad you learned a new word lol

While Tumblr and other blogging sites are a great way to share ideas and discuss topics, there are too many people that absorb false information and do not bother with researching valid sources to educate themselves. 

It can be incredibly frustrating to see an argument on tumblr that is erroneous, or fabricated from some angle of hate, with no prior knowledge of the subject.

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Beach Plant

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taramoonflower said: I have admired you for some time, mainly on insta but just wanted to let ya know! Keep doin your thing sista, you're beautiful!

Thank you I really appreciate it!! I hope you have an awesome day :)

Anonymous said: I'm shy to come off haha. But let me just admire you anonymously for now. :) Then maybe one day I will have the courage to come off and we'll have a private conversation, yeah?

absolutely! anytime :) 

Anonymous said: You captured my heart in an instant. Someone from my dash reblog your photo and then that's it. I wish we could be tumblr friends.

Oh my thank you! Feel free to message me anytime!! <3


Natural Light

thesandtraveller said: Your freckles are amazing. Eres muy hermosa<3

Thank you thats so sweet!! <3

Anonymous said: If I ever found myself unable to sleep at night, I'd lean over to you and count every freckle upon that gorgeous face of yours. I would be counting forever, and a better life I could not imagine...

This is the loveliest message I have ever received, thank you <3

kissthestarshello said: You're absolutely breath taking (:

Oh thank you thats so sweet!! :)